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Quality Assurance

In 2011, Cummaudo Farms decided to restructure our quality assurance program, bringing in new ideas, new training methods and a unique, fresh way to bring our quality assurance program up to international standards. 

Cummaudo Farms is certified by the Safe Quality Foods Institute. Our SQF certification means that we participate in a globally-recognised food safety management system. Our quality team inspects our produce at every step, before shipping, before packing and after packing, and our produce cannot be shipped until it is approved for your table by our senior quality control team members. 

Gaetano Cummaudo is the quality assurance manager at our main packing facility. He oversees every area that could possibly affect the quality of our produce, and ensures that all methods and procedures of our quality assurance are being put into play. 

Our quality assurance team is constantly looking into new technology and ideas that will improve the quality of our produce and our quality assurance program. Cummaudo Farms is a member of VicSpa, the Victorian Certified Seed Organisation, which allows us to have access to early generation seed plots which we trial and evaluate on a regular basis. 

By keeping track of and implementing new technologies, Cummaudo Farms is able to see what defects may arise in our packed product after shipping, so can be sure that our product will be 100% even after it has left our packing sheds.

Cummaudo Farms is committed to providing high quality produce to all our customers. Our stringent quality assurance program guarantees that all our produce meets and exceeds food quality regulations, legislations and customer expectations.