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Mirboo North, Victoria
Our Story

Cummaudo Farms was founded in Mirboo North, Victoria in 1959 with two horse-drawn implements and a pitchfork. Now, Cummaudo Farms is a third-generation family business supplying Australia with great tasting, quality potatoes. Tom Cummaudo, together with his sons Sam and Tony and their children, continues to build on his legacy of over 50 years of supplying great quality Australian potatoes.

Tom Cummaudo is the founder and managing director of Cummaudo Farms. From an early age, he had a dream of emigrating to Australia and supplying its people with high quality, great tasting potatoes. Now he oversees the operations of a company that is well-known for supplying quality wholesale potatoes to Coles. Tom looks after the wholesale markets to Coles and all of Australia's wholesale markets.

Sam Cummaudo manages the Cummaudo Farms packing facilities, as well as crop planting, harvesting and transport. He also oversees all of our marketing alongside Tony.

Tony Cummaudo manages the accounts and oversees pricing, seed production and new varieties. as well as our Agronomy.

At Cummaudo Farms, our aim is to supply fresh, healthy and flavoursome potatoes. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality at every step in the production process, from the soil our produce grows in to the finished packed product. We work with the industry's finest to ensure that our produce gets the best quality assurance available, and our contacts in Australia's main growing regions allow us to offer quality fresh produce 365 days a year.